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Dependable Roofing Materials in Millmont, PA

Regardless of if you are a roofer looking for roofing supplies, or if you are a homeowner who is tackling a project yourself, Zimmerman Supply in Millmont, PA, has everything you need in one place. From our custom-made cupolas that will ventilate drying hay in your barn to hardware supplies and roofing materials for residential projects, we have materials for any size and type of job..

As a family owned and operated company, we strive to treat every customer as if they are part of our own family. Open and honest communication is at the center of everything we provide and we will make you feel comfortable throughout every interaction with us. This way, we know you will be able to ask the questions necessary to guide you toward the correct purchase when it comes to the tools and supplies needed to make your project a success.

Our 24 years of experience will be put to work for you when you walk into our store. Whether you are looking for shingles or the supplies needed to create a draining pipe, we make sure to provide you with the highest quality so that your clients will depend on you again and again in their time of need.

Even if you are tackling a project on your own time and are unsure of what is needed, we will work with you and utilize our experience to find the right products.  

Professional roofers working with roofing materials

Quality products

All of our products are crafted with the highest quality. When you choose our roofing supplies for your next project, complete satisfaction is guaranteed. 


We understand that installing a roof takes patience and expertise. We will utilize our experience to give you the products needed to get the roof taken care of quickly and efficiently. 

Large Inventory

Our large inventory of products ensures that you always find what you need the moment you need it. From shingles to nail guns, we have it all at prices you can afford. 


Our 24 years of experience in the field will not let you down. Our background allows us to help you throughout every step regardless of if this is your first roof installation or if you are a skilled contractor. 

A Company You Can Trust

As a distributor of the best roofing products throughout Millmont, PA, we are dedicated to your individual success. At Zimmerman Supply, we understand that when you choose us, you are looking for durable and reliable products that will last for years to come.

As part of our services to you, we will analyze your needs by asking questions pertaining to the project you are completing. Regardless of if you are a skilled roofer who has years of experience, or you are a homeowner who has decided to tackle a project yourself, we will help you when purchasing products to ensure you are getting what is needed.

Our workers have extensive experience in the industry and pride themselves on being able to provide you with expert advice and guidance. From custom cupolas for your barn to side vents that will circulate the proper air throughout your home, you will be covered with all the necessary materials to complete your project. Stop by our store today to talk to a member of our staff, or give us a call for more information.


- Custom Made Cupolas and Side Vents

- Hardware Supplies

- Electrical Conduit 

- Draining Pipes and Culverts

- Metal Roofing and Sealants

- Work Boots and Shoes

- Leather Repairs

- Wire Fencing

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When high quality materials are what you need, look no further than Zimmerman Supply in Millmont, PA. Our expertise will be put to work for you to ensure you are getting the right supplies for the job.

Call us today at (570) 966-2005 to speak to a member of our staff about our current inventory or stop by the store today for more information. 

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